The term your child turns 3 they are welcome at St Andrew’s.  Pupils can attend morning sessions only or choose to stay for lunch also, or an entire afternoon session on as many days as you wish.  The Nursery has its own separate building and outside play area with adventure play, wendy house, construction area and tricycles.  However, Nursery pupils also enjoy facilities in the rest of the School including our new Sports Centre and swimming pool.

Early childhood is the vital foundation on which everything is built.  In the Early Years (Nursery and Reception at St Andrew’s) we provide a playful, joyful experience for our children.  Our aim is, first and foremost, for the children to develop important life skills such as curiosity, creativity, persistence, imagination, confidence and resourcefulness.  This is why we place so much emphasis on providing both an outdoor and indoor environment which meets a child's individual needs.

The Nursery at St Andrew's offers children the crucial unpressurised time to prepare for Reception; time for them to develop as individuals, form relationships, make sense of their world in their own unique ways and develop their innate creativity and love of learning.

Our youngest children learn through interactive experience and are given many opportunities to work on exciting topics over an extended period of time.  They work at investigating phenomena and events around them that have real meaning for them and that are worthy of their attention and understanding.  We believe strongly in the importance of teaching holistically, grasping learning opportunities wherever they arise.  This is seen most clearly through our Creative Curriculum and our exciting topic work, where a single lesson can cover all areas of the curriculum, from Creative Development to Mathematics and Understanding the World.  Our environment is highly organised to promote informed choice, creativity and independence, with the outdoor environment being equally as important as the classroom.

Our passionate and experienced staff work closely with parents to ensure that every child has the opportunities, activities and resources to develop into a happy, confident and independent individual.  Never content to stand still, we take a strong lead on innovative practice, such as the development of Outdoor Education within our beautiful grounds.

We warmly invite you to experience Early Years at St Andrew’s for yourselves and look forward to welcoming you.

Pupil “I’m sorry that my uniform got dirty today but this shows that I have been learning.”