Community Outreach

St Andrew’s supports local primary schools and clubs through the sharing of their resources and facilities.

We are working closely with local primary schools, who will benefit immensely from our Sports Centre as well as other School facilities.  Each term there is also a themed event targeted at young children in the local community.

These specialist days (called 'WOW days') are on the topics of Science and Music, Sport and Language, and English and Drama.

We are also working to establish links with local clubs to improve sport locally. These clubs include:


We are delighted to be able to be working with SportsAble.  More details of our work together will be available here soon.

Kennylands Gymnastics

A local club based in Sonning Common, they take pride in ensuring they have a team of coaches who treat each child as an individual with regards to their goals, aspirations and personal needs.  The club has been desperately looking for another venue to support their huge numbers on the waiting list.  For a sport that has become increasingly popular in the last five years, St Andrew's currently offers the club four hours every Saturday morning, catering for 5 to 13 year olds in their Old Sports Hall.  The club will be able to offer a larger area to train in once the new Sports Centre is built.  Tricia Conneely, Business Manager of Kennylands Gymnastics, comments; “We were delighted when St Andrew’s offered us the opportunity to use their existing sports hall.  We have over 1,500 children on our waiting list and are in desperate need to find venues to offer these children places. Gymnastics teach a child how to learn to balance, develop strength and co-ordination, and stay fit and healthy; important skills that they will use throughout their life. We can’t wait to see the new Sports Centre and use this for our club.”

GR Swimming School

This swimming school has established itself as one of the leading swimming schools in West Berkshire. Gerry and Rose have taught many children from St Andrew's and the local community; they take pride in their swimming technique and teaching children such an important life-saving skill. An increasing problem is the number of public swimming pools closing due to lack of funds for refurbishment of old pools. St Andrew's will work with GR Swimming to allow them to use the pool outside School hours to teach children from the local area, from beginners to those reaching academy level. Rose Madden, their Head of Swimming, comments; "Swimming is such an important life skill and yet we are shocked at how many children still can't swim.  The area is in desperate need of pools, to stop the number of young children drowning from rising any more. We are so grateful to St Andrew's for the use of their pool once the Sports Centre is open.”

Pangbourne and Whitchurch Cricket Club

This club has grown year on year, but struggles to have a big enough cricket ground to cater for the increasing numbers of boys and girls who need to use the grounds for training and matches. From 2017 Pangbourne and Whitchurch Cricket Club will be using St Andrew’s School sports fields.  The club will be able to practise cricket after School during the week and on Saturdays.  They will also be able to hold matches at St Andrew’s School.  Pangbourne and Whitchurch Cricket Club will be able to use the Sports Centre for winter nets and when weather does not permit training to take place outside.  Jim Wheeler (Chairman and Head Coach of Pangbourne Cricket Club) comments; “This is a wonderful opportunity for our club and we are so grateful for the support that St Andrew's has given us. To know that our young club members can train on such fantastic grounds and that we have a permanent base is something we have been desperately in need of, since we started our club 5 years ago. We look forward to using the Sports Centre and being able to develop the cricket potential of so many youngsters all year round.”

Barton Rovers F.C.

Barton Rovers Rebels train indoors at St Andrew's on Wednesday evenings.

Reading Swimming Club

Reading Swimming train at St Andrew's on Wednesday evenings.